NCH Capital: The date of the first works for Kassiopi


The initial foundation work and infrastructure as well as the demolishing of the old building (naval outpost) that is in the land to be developed of 490 acres in the Erimitis area, close to Kassiopi on Northern Corfu, will start shortly by NCH Capital. 

The company that won the international tender of TAIPED has the right to develop the land, after the solution through a leglislative initiative of the government for the approval of the last study left in order to complete the licensing process for the investment. 

The license to demolish the old naval outpost that is dated since the 1950s has already been given. The company has chosen the development company that will undertake the project and the necessary equipment has already been leased. Apart from that, there is no other demolition required, as there is no other building inside the land, with the exception of an old windmill that will be restored and will be one of the landmarks of the development. In addition, a few infrastructure works will be completed, before the development proceeds to the next level which is the main building phase.