NCH Capital representative to attend North Corfu Municipal Council meeting


On the other hand, representatives of NCH Capital believe that, somehow, the elevation survey will be approved by the North Corfu Municipal Council, allowing them to put the work out to tender. For that reason, according to sources, the company's managing director Mr. Santis intends to accept the invitation to attend the Council meeting on Monday 3 February. They believe that within the next two months at the latest building permission will be granted and at the end of summer work can begin.

The first stage of the planning permission will be for land construction and the second stage is to construct a marina for tourist yachts. It should be noted that company representatives have said that the construction of a small marina was demanded by the State as part of the investment and did not come from NCH.

Instead of constructing a new facility on the Erimitis coast, the possibility of improving the small harbour in Agios Stefanos was looked into - provoking strong resistance from local businesses. The matter has now been put on hold till later.

If the company succeeds in its development, it intends to move its headquarters from Athens to Corfu.