Kassiopi: NCH Capital's “response” to new project appeal


Clarifications on Kassiopi's project, an investment of 120m euros, are being provided by investors on the occasion of a new recourse to the EU institutions. launched by local agencies.

According to investors, the project is located on a 490-acre plot, located in North-East Corfu, in the Hermitage area. “93% of this area remains a green space while only 7% is built, ie 35 out of 490 acres. The building coefficients and the planning of the project have been determined by the Approval of the Special Spatial Development Plan of the Public Property under the name “Kassiopi Corfu” (ESSADA), the year 2013, as well as the approval of the Planning Study in the year 2016. architectural plans, hotel size, housing etc have remained unchanged since their inception. “

According to investors, the basic philosophy of the project is based on highlighting the natural environment. Thus, the buildings included in the project will be integrated and highlight the surrounding area.

With the approval of the Environmental Study in 2015, the most stringent conditions for the protection of the environment of the project have been set and will be self-serving. Indicatively, it is stated that the project will include: the construction of a biological treatment plant, a modern desalination plant for water supply (water supply from the sea) and aquifers protection, a forest protection system (fire safety), integrated waste management with source selection etc.

“In addition to the stringent requirements included in the environmental study, the project will have an energy efficiency certification from a leading international energy organization. The forest part of the land remains intact and is protected for the first time effectively. Existing trails within the plot are also improved in their accessibility and remain open to the public. All public and public spaces are returned to the Municipality of Corfu under the responsibility of the investor. “

It should be noted that a total of 10 appeals have been submitted in the process of project authorization, 7 to the Council of State, which have been rejected.

A decision by the Ioannina Administrative Court of Appeal is pending on a cancellation application filed for the designation of an area of ​​12,560,51 sqm inside the property as non-forestry (the case was tried and the decision is pending). There is also a court order pending in a regular lawsuit filed by the Municipality of Corfu seeking to be recognized as a master and owner of three trails that pass through the plot. It should be noted that they have already been rejected with the no. 625/2017 and 803/2017 decisions of the Corfu Court of Appeal respectively corresponding applications for interim measures lodged by the Municipality of Corfu, for exactly the same reason that it relies on the pending legal action.

The approval of the elevation study of the public roads in the urban area is pending the completion of the project licensing, which has been requested by the Municipality of North Corfu since 16-09-2019. It is noted that according to article 4 of Law 2690/99 (Code of Administrative Procedure), as currently in force, the maximum time limit for replying to the request for approval of the elevation study is 60 days.