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The latest news from Project Kassiopi.

Preliminary construction works for the implementation of the Kassiopi Project

The preliminary construction works for the implementation of the Kassiopi Project, which include the deforestation and the cleaning of the urban areas of the Plot, are under way. 

NCH Capital: No work is being done on the forest part of our plot


Our company has started initial construction work on the "Kassiopi Project" plan. 

Kassiopi investor issues statement on fire in Erimitis of Corfu island

NCH Capital, Inc., the main investor of Kassiopi Project on Corfu, expressed its "great sorrow and indignation at the simultaneous breakout and development of fires at three different fronts in an inaccessible area of Erimitis, on Corfu," which includes the site of the project, in a statement on Tuesday, ANA reports. 

Ambassador Pyatt’s Message to NCH Capital on Kassiopi Project Groundbreaking Event

The speech of the U.S. Ambassador, Mr. Geoffrey Pyatt. 

Official Launch of the Kassiopi Project

On July 11th, the Kassiopi Project was launched in the presence of the PM, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. 

Mitsotakis on Kassiopi Project, Corfu: A Strategic Project in Tourism, Creation of Jobs

Report on The National Herald. 

Major Tourist Development Project to Begin on Corfu

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Work on luxury seaside resort starts after eight-year delay

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Preliminary construction work has started on the Kassiopi Project

Special crews have started the process of demolishing old buildings according to the license number: 89390/13.12.2019. 

Another decision on the big tourism investment in Kassiopi

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NCH Capital's investment in Kassiopi is one step closer to starting

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NCH Capital: The date of the first works for Kassiopi

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NCH Capital representative to attend North Corfu Municipal Council meeting

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"Government will take legislative measures for Erimitis"

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Greek Gov’t Speeds Up Approval of Tourism Investment Projects

Report on on the Kassiopi Project. 

Kassiopi: NCH Capital's “response” to new project appeal

Report on the Kassiopi project by Engnews24h. 

NCH Capital can start work at Kasiopi

Report on for the Kasiopi Project. 

GTP: Corfu’s Kassiopi Tourism Project Set to Take Off in 2019

Report on GTP Agency for the Kasiopi Project. 

Launch of Kassiopi Project website

NCH Capital Inc. announces the launch of an informative video and website for the exciting ‘Kassiopi’ luxury development project in Erimitis, on the Greek island of Corfu.



Commencement of the Kassiopi Project in Corfu

NCH Capital Inc. announces that the company is ready to proceed with the immediate implementation of its investment at Kassiopi, Corfu, Greece, and the development of a luxury eco-destination that is set to significantly benefit the island - and Greece - as a whole.