The touristic regeneration of Erimitis is expected to bring multiple benefits to the local economy, community and environment.


Environmental responsibility is the fundamental principal that the project is founded on.

With the unfolding of the project – and the careful development of the forest - the area’s natural wealth will emerge in all its glory, offering a unique and relaxing backdrop that can be enjoyed by all.

The defining feature of the development is its discrete and minimal construction of just 7% in a vast 489,560 square metres of land. This means that a substantial 93% of the area will remain green and untouched.

The safeguarding and enhancement of the region’s natural resources is paramount to the project, and the actions taken to achieve this will far exceed any legal obligations.

Included in the measures to enhance the area’s natural wealth is the upgrading of fire-protection infrastructure, which will strengthen the forest’s prevention and safety plan.

The planting of greenery on the rooftops of the hotel and residences will fully integrate the buildings into the landscape whilst also minimizing their impact on the environment. The maintenance of the beach’s existing character, and limiting access to vehicles, are also a major element of the environmental plan

The forest paths, the appropriately created communal green spaces, and free use of the beach are aspects that will allow both visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy the national treasure of Corfu.

With the opportunity of this development, a previously undeveloped and neglected area that posed a fire risk to its flora and fauna will emerge anew, and will be an ecologically positive legacy for future generations.


The local community of Corfu is the focus of development in the area of Erimitis. The cultivation of strong ties with the locals is a key priority with the aim of the project’s implementation being the sustainable development of the whole island.

A large variety of local businesses will directly benefit both during the construction phase and during the operation of the project thanks to the visitors that will pass through the island, eating at restaurants, shopping at local stores, as well as spending at the cultural venues and historical sites of the region.

In the same way, new jobs and opportunities will also be created both during the construction phase and during the operation of the project, which will employ locals of Corfu.

With the upgrading of the transport infrastructure of the region, and an emphasis on the island’s local character and its private forestland, the area’s regeneration will attract affluent visitors, which will be a significant for Corfu as a whole.

In regards to the project’s energy specifications, the development will ensure maximum energy savings, according to the principles of bioclimatic design. Increased insulation through the use of specialist materials, the creation of proper shaded areas, water-saving resources and correct waste management systems will all balance the characterises of the environment with the proper management of its natural ecosystem.

The prospects of a high-quality development that is subtly constructed in a quiet, environmentally upgraded area - with the careful integration of a resort and leisure destination - will result in the positive upturn of the local economy.

With respect to the local customs and the culture of Corfu, a traditional windmill will be given new life and will continue to stand proudly on the hills of Erimitis, serving as a historical and cultural landmark, as well as a small museum.

The investment is expected to generate multiple benefits, opportunities and prospects on a local and national level as a recovery model for the island’s agrotourism, its tourist capacity and its status as a leisure destination.


The total investment for the project is expected to amount to more than €120m, and it is the first investment of this size seen on the island for several years.

The development of Erimitis is expected to revive the local economy and give further impetus to tourism. Economic growth will have a positive impact both locally and regionally, while the increase in tourism will benefit all professionals of the island, improving the local touristic product as a whole.

The influx of affluent visitors combined with all-inclusive packages will further enhance the touristic profile of Corfu.

The project will also offer a boost to the region’s mooring infrastructure, thanks to the construction of 60 berths that will enhance the prospects for shipping, as well as increasing visitor numbers.

In addition to strengthening tourism in general, the scope to offer alternative forms of tourism such as agrotourism and diving holidays will attract different demographic groups of visitors, thus creating a global tourist destination.

Alongside the regeneration of Corfu’s construction industry, other industries, involved directly or indirectly with the construction industry will also benefit, and thus the project will significantly contribute to the local economy at a particularly difficult economic time.

During the period of construction and the resulting operation of the project, employment positions will be created and will especially benefit the youth of Corfu, who are limited in the employment they can find on the island, and are forced to seek employment in the wider region of Greece or further abroad.

The project will also help to upgrade the island’s workforce by offering greater employment prospects that lead to better employment opportunities.